Farewell, tigers!

One of my friends surprised me with a deep conversation the other day, and passed me an article about a man talking with God. While the whole article is pure goodness, I highlight one paragraph this time, it’s about adaptors and manipulators:

Without exception, intelligent species who gain dominance over their planet do so by becoming the most efficient predators. There are many intelligent species who do not evolve to dominate their planet. Like your dolphins and most of the intelligent flyers we were just talking about, they adapt perfectly to the environment rather than take your course, which is to manipulate the environment.Unfortunately for the dolphin, theirs is a dead end. They may outlive the human race but will never escape the bounds of planet earth, let alone your solar system – not without your help at any rate. Only those who can manipulate the world they live in can one day hope to leave it and spread their seed throughout the universe.

Recently I noticed many efforts from Greenpeace, Peta, vegetarians and environment-conscious friends drawing attention to endangered species, moral questions of eating and using animals and such.

Let’s examine this through an example without the presence of humans. In the wild, untouched ecosystems, herbivores and carnivores exist. As far as I know carnivores don’t breed herbivores to eat them, but their behavior suggests that they’d do it, since all animals are optimising the process of nutrition. The optimisation process has the amount of available food and the involved risk to obtain it as parameters. No animal would take a risky way if they had the technology to make plenty of food without risk. And no animal would care about others go extinct, unless it would result in their own extinction. No animal admires species different than their own, just for being beautiful.

And now to tigers. According to this article, they are one of the endangered species:

Fewer than 500 endangered Siberian, or Amur, tigers remain in the wild, all of of them in a small area of coastal Far-Eastern Russia.

…and yes, they are adorable, look:


…but why would we care? Yeah, I just asked why would we care about tigers go extinct? Why would we care about ANY specie that not endangers us by their extinction? There are noticeable changes that would come with the extinction of bees, since they are primary pollinators of many fruits. If there are species that we should care about, those would be the species that we “need”. However, even the extinction of bees would not change our life dramatically, since there already are experiments on robot replacements:

And for those who just “love” tigers, and want them be present in our Earth, I ask: how many of you are having a tiger in real life? How many of you actually seen one? How many of you would feel your life changed when they had died? I assume not many. Tigers are beautiful, I agree with that, but if I’d met one alone, I probably wouldn’t even have time to call for help, or shout. He’d just kill me and I wouldn’t have right to protest against that. He’d just be doing his job by killing and eating me. He would not love me, and that’s perfectly acceptable. So why should I love him, or care about what’s happening with him? And others who love how tigers look still can look images of them, as before.

According to the article about that theory of adaptors and manipulators, all current predators are a dead end of our evolution, and even we are still not independent from all of them, we are the most durable in this planet, not by muscular power, but by overall capabilities. Maybe our evolution is right by all means. Maybe we just need to research an atmosphere generator that produces oxygen and we don’t need rainforests any longer. Maybe we just only need a couple species bred for nutrition and might say goodbye to dead ends. That sounds cruel, heartless and uncivilised, but that’s also logical.

So we concluded animals are not needed, they are just emotionally bound to some of us. Ecological disasters that might happen because of a specie gone extinct, can be prevented by scientific intervention and replacement with something having the same functionality, like robots, if really needed. And according to those statements, we also don’t have to care about killing animals for fur. Not many of us are keeping cute little fox cubs as a pet, we only like how they look, on images. Why should we care if any dies or suffers to give its fur to a human? Again, cruel, but logical. On the other side, if someone pays for animal fur just for showing off, is also illogical, even can be called stupid since it doesn’t support anyone’s quality of life. It’s just a waste of resources, and that activity should be prohibted in a perfect world.

There is also some kind of war between omnivores and vegetarians. First of all, let me show an article about a study on plants feeling pain.

A number of studies have shown that plants feel pain, and vegetables are picked and often eaten while still alive. Animal rights activists are often in the news, but has anyone ever protested for vegetable rights?

Good question. If someone is vegan just to avoid causing harm to others, he should also give up eating vegetables, too. Even breathing takes away oxygen from others. We have a limited amount of resources in the physical plane, and we should learn to live with that. Only by walking in a park you destroy many insects day by day. I’m not saying we should go on a killing spree right now, we just should care less about other life forms. Even God said in Genesis 1:26:

Let us make human beings in our image, to be like us. They will reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, the livestock, all the wild animals on the earth, and the small animals that scurry along the ground.

God said to rule, not to care. From this point of view, even God agrees with evolution. And according to buddhists, new-age religionists, and technically all believers of a religion that accepts the law of cause and consequence can also accept that entities never die without plan or purpose, even if one just dies under our feet, or on our plate. There’s also a joke when a vegetarian claims to an omnivore, eating meat is a barbarian action. And he answers with telling about species that are just bred to eat them. If we wouldn’t eat them they just went extinct. So eating meat might be murder, but being vegan is just genocide. Many vegans ask if I’d also eat my dog? Why differentiate pigs and dogs? Simple. Because one is a companion, other is food. One is capable to help us and even to show affection, while another is a fat stinky pile of meat with a purpose to feed me. There even are people who eat dog meat, and while it might sound morally bad, it is logically acceptable as long as it serves nutrition. Finally, we have teeth for all, not only for plants. That might prove something.


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