Tigers strike back

On one of the last posts I explained my point of view about animals going extinct. I’m still not convinced they are needed to keep, however, I’ve found this Frozen Ark project in a Stephen Hawking documentary mini-series called Brave new world.

Besides many other interesting topics of today’s science, it describes two movements aiming to conservate our species by collecting blood samples from endangered animals and seeds of all available plants. I consider that as a smart move, since it’s a way to store all DNA that might be important for our survival in the future. With the help of cloning, we will be able to recreate whichever species we want. I still think they go extinct not by accident, but by purpose of evolution though, just like dinosaurs.

And as I can see, we are only one step from making artificial meat, which would solve the problem of starvation and the moral side of killing animals. Good news for today.


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