Anatomy of Sin

A psychopath has no feelings like remorse, empathy, shame, or compassion. Sometimes I just feel like the way they were presented by Dr. Vogel (a psychiatrist character, Dexter season 8) was just right. They are perfect on their level. They don’t have feelings that would weaken them. They are bound only by the laws of physics rather than the laws made up by humans, neither by laws made up by any gods. Let’s not examine if there’s an actual God that made those laws or if those are also created by humans, too.

What is considered a sin? We can differentiace between earthy laws about it, which are more or less the same in each country, and heavenly laws, which are significantly different considering each religion. Be you a citizen of any country or a member of any church, we all can agree more or less about Hitler has sinned. His most significant activity according this aspect is killing people, and he killed many. He killed many innocent humans. Did he? Actually, I’m not sure he even killed one by his own hands or pistol. I’ve never heard in history classes about Adolph Hitler engaging in a lethal fight or executing anyone, ever. After a couple of minutes spent with Google I realized he barely killed anyone. He was a soldier in world war 1,  but haven’t killed a man except that period. He killed others as a soldier, which is barely  considered a sin. He got iron cross for it. Many “brave” soldiers get ridiculous awards for skilfully killing people of other fractions, but they are celebrated for it. They are awarded shiny piece of metals.

If you really, really wanted to, if you deeply needed to kill, how many men could you kill? Maybe one? Two? Don’t forget that you’d have to get rid of the body and hide your act from authorities, friends, everyone. How many could you actually kill until getting caught? You had needed to be a very talented serial killer to achieve it more than a couple of times until getting busted.


So, how could Hitler make it to almost 6 million? Obviously, he had help, from many of the like-minded. However, we blame the whole thing on him. Okay, many nazi leaders have been punished, but we still mostly take Hitler while thinking about nazis, even though he killed no people if we omit his past as a soldier! So, it seems killing is a sin, so does to prevail others upon killing people. But we also legitimize the act of killing by calling these people soldiers. Patriots. Can killing be legitimized when someone defends hit country? Is he defending the life of his own and his loved ones? Is it really a kill or be killed situation? According to laws, soldiers are allowed to kill while serving the country. We even can kill others if that’s self defense. Christians say killing is a sin. It’s one of the ten commandments. Satanism allow us to kill as self-defense, so does national laws. The sin of killing another human is controversial. Sometimes participating in a kill, like Hitler did, is unforgiveable, sometimes killing is a brave, patriotic act. Hitler claimed many of his acts as self-defense for his country and people. But who can really judge in which case is it a self defense? No one can prove that any people that got killed wouldn’t have killed others if he had had let alive. It’s the same classic problem like with the following question: if you were driving home and encountered a kid playing in the street, and that kid was Hitler, would you hit and run him? Would you do the same if you didn’t know who he was? I guess not. In most cases, we only have partial information of the situation. We have no clue on the future. We don’t have the knowledge to judge who is worth to live and who is not. However, we are doing it. In the world of animals, situations of self-defense are more clear. Only a couple of species, like cats kill others for fun. We shouldn’t. We should only kill if the situation is at least as clear as in nature. Long story short, laws and religions both deny killing, however, earthy laws and satanism are more permissive, since they both legitimize self-defense.

I just can’t help linking this video here:

Another interesting aspect of this topic is the starting point. When does murder exactly become a murder? Religions mostly say, every time. Satanism and law say, when it’s not for self defense. Laws even fine people who kill entities of protected species. Vegetarians say killing any animal is a murder. I’ve never met people saying eating vegetables is a murder, even though plants can feel pain. Obviously, we have to eat something. But can we kill a mosquito? It’s barely about our feeding or self-defense. Is it murder when other species go extinct because of us? Is it murder when we manipulate our surrounding place in order to live better? Is it murder to kill ants for building a road? Is it murder if a bird feeds the nestlings with a worm? This topic becomes more and more vague if we mix in religion. Does God really exist and let 6 million jews die, the chosen folk of the christian God? Did jews sin and was it God’s will to die, like at Sodoma and Gomorah? Was Hitler just God’s tool for the plan? That last one might seem ridiculous, but do locust swarms sound more legit? Just like ants not understanding what happens to their home when we build a skyscraper over their colony, we are also not aware what’s the greater plan if there’s any.

A couple of paragraphs happened, but we are still not closer to what is considered a sin. Maybe nothing. If there’s only chaos on the highest scale, our sins are just part of the chaos, thus forming consistency. Maybe common sense just makes the definition of sin fade. Maybe our acts just makes us drift and increase entropy in a system we are not yet aware of. I’m not speaking about karma, this action-reaction happens here and now, with everyone involved to a certain level.

We all try to optimize our quality of existence, in a competitive environment. Sometimes we have to choose ourselves over others in order to continue our existence. “Letting live” is also important, since our actions result in reaction. Nazis perished in the end. So would we, if we didn’t learn rules of this world. And we are still not sure about what are the exact rules of this existence. Yet…


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