Enjoying life

I’ve learnt a very important lesson today. I hold private lessons for an old man once a week about using the computer. He barely sees the keys of the keyboard and his mouse handling is quite sluggish, usually it takes 2-3 tries to click on a login button for example. We are doing this half a year now, and lately I asked myself a question: why am I doing this? Even though he improved, it’s sort of useless. He can read emails now and navigate through the news, even he can use the program Notepad and type with two fingers. But why? His original intention was to learn using the PC to read policital pages and leave comments, but after half a year, he barely even practice opening and closing programs. I doubt they would take his comments serious with his grammatical errors he makes, too. He’s not dumb though, he only has a hard time using commas, capitals and he misspells about 20% of the words he writes.

Not many of his old friends are on the internet either. He’s a social man though, he speaks with people over phone and visit nearby friends. He always had newspaper subscriptions in order to get to know daily politics. He barely watches tv which wouldn’t have many benefits anyway. So, he is old, visually impaired, and has a hard time to execute soft hand movements that are needed to handle a mouse or a phone touchscreen. I talked to my girlfriend about this man, and she asked me: is he happy? And the answer is yes. Even if he isn’t a power user, he is more satisfied while learning how to use the PC instead of he would be if he went to a pub. And I realized I do the same when I play games. I make no cash, and my activity has almost no value when I do it. However, I feel better. I feel happier than I would if I worked all day and made cash. And that’s exactly why I think playing games is not a waste of time. Time enjoyed is not wasted. And my love showed me another example of that. Wise girl.

What a beautiful monday anyway. I’ve managed to not to work yet, and it’s almost dusk. Surely this blog has benefits other than keeping my english refreshed. 🙂


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