Monthly Archives: November 2014

Tantra: the supreme understanding

It has been a while. Not much people have visited this blog since last month. It’s okay, I guess. Why would I preach when I can listen, anyway. I don’t wish to teach anything to people any more. I don’t wish to heal any of you. I don’t wish to comfort you. I don’t wish for understanding, advancement, skills, or happiness. I just…am. Why I’m still blogging then? It happens.

Found a book of Osho recently. Probably the final book I’ll read on spiritual development. It gave me a message. I live according to tantra now. I don’t know how long it will last, neither I care. I don’t need to think, to say, to do, only to let things happen. That’s not happy. That’s tantric.

I wished for a world that works as I will. It didn’t come.
Then I wished for strength with a shattered heart. Satanism gave me strength.
I wished for hope. Books and practices gave me hope.
I wished for peace. Buddhism gave me peace.
I wished for knowledge about systems. Theosophy has taught me about systems.
Then I wished to free my existence from the hell I’ve built. Funny that freedom was there all along.

I might have started this blog motivated by the wish of controlling the world, the thoughts of people. To share my view to others. To change others to my image. To feel like a god, in a world that works as I will. It’s time to let it go.

Do whatever you want. Be ethical if that’s your will. Be good, be evil. Be a dualist, a non-dualist, or none of them. Save the bengal tigers if you wish. Believe in God if you wish. Breed if you wish. Laugh on me if you wish. Cry for your dead. Pray. Meditate. Do nothing. I wished for a revelation, and I got one. Nothing is revelant any more. And of course, read that book of Osho, if you wish.

I don’t fuck with your minds any more. I fuck with the universe now.