Monthly Archives: July 2016


It has been a while. Let’s just make a brief report.

The last 1.5 years were more fruitful than the previous ten years regarding spiritual theory and practice.

Met a new friend from India, told him how wise I am, and he showed me things that cured that delusion. He introduced the works of Swami Vivekananda and many pieces from the vedic literature.

Encountered the works of Eckhart Tolle.

Some of the previous posts might have become invalid in the light of new understanding, however, they can also be considered as truth.

Without giving deeper explanation, let’s see what has been met since the last post:

Osho: Tantra – the supreme understanding: it is still valid and might give you a fairly digestable head start if you do not have 10 years to waste for basic understanding of many other things that are nowadays called “religion”.

Tolle: The power of Now: A very straightforward book on how to achieve inner peace and happiness, using only one principle: awareness for the moment. Involved dogma is minimal.

Tolle: A new Earth: Another book on the same topic, with slightly different approach. Some examples and advices on how to transform the mindset of the individual. Useful read.

Thomas Byrom: The heart of Awareness: Deep waters of the non-dualistic world view. The Astavakra Gita is a life-changing read. It goes well beyond the words, however, it has to use words in order to push the limits of human understanding. Gita has been translated by many, I recommend this poetic one by Byrom.

Feel free to read anything from Tolle or Vivekananda, though. Am pretty sure about all their works are appropriate. And, if you already have the heart of the lion, jump into Upanishad, the ultimate truth conveyed by the vedic literature.

Evam Astu! Hail, Satan.