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Alone in the Universe?

I just met this pile of gold: http://waitbutwhy.com/2014/05/fermi-paradox.html

That article is a pretty good summary of theories about the place of ours in the Universe, and other species as well. Most of those are still just wild guesses, meanwhile being very entertaining ones.

I don’t believe there are such events that wipe out every alien race that we could have ever heard of, thus rendering our known universe empty, but I can agree with most people in Group II that claims there are logical explanation for empty space.  As I mentioned in a previous post about Transcendence, technological transformation and leaving the biological body behind seems like a perfect utopia to me. Of course it’s scary, all changes are.

None of those pieces of art and science discuss one option, though. It would be about the discovery of existence being pointless and therefore humanity would plan and execute its own extinction. A couple of philosophers already had numerous arguments on that topic, one of my favorites is the book of Better never to have been by David Benatar. While I don’t totally agree with his arguments, it’s a very convincing book in the topic of not to procreate, which I embrace on many levels. What if our life is just happened randomly, as Stephen Hawking claims? What if we are just ants of Equilibrium, living our lives in order to continue the life itself, without any further, reasonable goals? I agree that for most of us, this life form we are being in is not negligible, but that doesn’t make it more important looking it from cosmic view. I think to this concept as a realistic one, not sad or pessimistic at all. Like buddhists claim that this phase of existence is temporary and has suffering in some level, while they are mostly not sad about it at all. Have you ever seen a buddhist being sad? I haven’t. And I think a sad buddhist misinterprets something serious of that philosophy.

So, I think biological life will change at some point. I’m not sure how and why, but am looking forward to it. Someday we might get an exact answer for existence and the selection of optimal future, or just vanish in a blink. Until then, I do my best to live happily, and wish the same for you.